Levelling-up your brand

If good brands are built on strategy, then it is only natural that those strategic objectives will evolve over time, adapt to the  world around them, perhaps even become more or less important. A simple reinvigoration of brand components that already exist can further define foundations and signify a new path for the future – without reinventing the entire wheel.  

A brand logo is the primary focal point, a visual symbol that fosters a deeper emotional connection. But in reality, it represents just one part of a brand’s DNA. When we create new identities, we do so through a process of discovery; thinking about all the ingredients that a brand must convey including: 

  • Proposition – what does the brand offer to target audiences 
  • Personality – what’s the story, what values does the brand hold and how do they transpose externally, as well as internally 
  • Differentiators – what gives the brand stand-out from competitors, what are its promises now and for the future  

We then map this within the current and future landscape to determine positioning and gain a greater understanding of target customers. This process enables us to create a compelling visual identity that’s both fit for purpose and engages key audiences.  

We apply the same process to reinvigoration. Capturing the brand baseline today, we move to explore where components of that identity can creatively travel to next… Whether that’s to generate more affinity, impact, action; or to better represent a brand’s evolution in culture, products, services or size.  

A great and recent example of this in everyday life sits with Airbnb. 

Airbnb’s move from ‘A place to stay’ to ‘Belong Anywhere’ created a new bespoke symbolic icon, encapsulating its international, adventurous, friendly nature. Together with a broad, bold colour palette that can span every culture, it unifies and differentiates the business. Internally, it can be embedded in every single part of the business – the decision-making lens. They took what they had and elevated it to bring improved, more cohesive meaning.

That was quite a significant rebrand, but a refresh or uplift doesn’t need to be extensive.   

Our work with FSB  

With a renewed brand position, FSB required reinvigorated brand collateral to confidently communicate a new era – one of curation and collaboration, bringing together people and technology as one to meet the needs of existing customers and new market prospects.  

Through strategic consultancy and content mapping, RCA supported the senior management team in moving the proposition and positioning forward.

Collaborating with the team expanded our minds in how we communicate and present our brand to multiple audiences. Creativity is at the heart of RCA and together with strategic laser-focus on the foundations of our content strategy, we were able to create a bold campaign that is now part of our brand DNA.

Our work with Print Studios  

Print Studios delivers high-quality slot games, specifically tailored to casino enthusiasts in search of deeper gameplay. The team is super talented and really passionate about creating the best games, always with great characterisation and unique features.   

RCA took a holistic look at their brand ID, to level-up and collate all the great work they’d done so far in a refreshed Brand Guideline. We created templates and guidance to streamline marketing asset production going forward, including game launch animated templates. 

RCA has been a pleasure to work with and they helped us enhance our brand profile. The professionalism of their team coupled with energetic and talented members has made every step of working together easy!

RCA work with a range of businesses in varying stages of lifecycle, ensuring there are solid brand foundations that can be used to validate everything from user journeys and interface design to brand comms and engagement. Speak to the team today about optimising your brand identity for future growth.

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