We are family – creating a subsidiary brand in our own Network

RokkerX – the Managed Services division of Rokker – was launched at pace to meet a unique, identified market need. RCA worked closely with Rokker to iterate concepts and agree a brand design direction in record time.

The brief was to appeal to a target audience of prospective clients in the iGaming space and potential employees for talent acquisition (identified as sports fans). As a subsidiary of the main Rokker brand it was key that RokkerX felt related yet stand on its own as a dynamic new entity.

The logo incorporates a play symbol to convey forward motion and progress, and a connection with the gaming industry. The icon carries a fresh blue-green graduated colour palette, made to flourish against the dark slate-grey foundation.

A full asset pack was created for launch including decks, onboarding packs, branded merch, socials collateral, and a brochure site design incorporating a dedicated Careers section with HR system integration. A 15-second motion piece was also developed for totem on-screen recruitment advertising in a local mall to promote RokkerX roles at the new office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The launch of our managed services subsidiary ‘RokkerX’ is a significant step forward in achieving our international ambitions. RokkerX is all about creating opportunity. Building talented teams for a progressive, vibrant and fun industry. We’ve worked closely with fellow Network agency, Random Colour Animal, to rapidly iterate concepts and develop a brand that clearly sits within the Rokker family, yet stands on its own as a business entity. We’re really pleased with the dynamic brand design direction which was achieved in record time!

Andy Rogers, CEO, Rokker

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