Tap into player emotions via seasonal marketing

If there’s ever a time to leverage the power of digital marketing content, it’s during a holiday season. As cultural events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas come around, there’s heightened excitement, anticipation, emotion… and big opportunities to attract and build a stronger connection with players.

For iGaming operators, seasonal marketing and performance ads that revolve around special holidays create a relevant and relatable way to reach audiences ‘in the now’. Tapping into the experiential elements of seasonal creative generates instant positive affinity and enables brands to be part of the lucrative run-up to mass-celebrated events.

Making promotions contextually relevant... delivers better engagement for brands.

Seasonal marketing

The magic ingredients

While twinkly festive lights will always be visually appealing to any audience, it’s nowhere near enough to compete with the volume of seasonally themed content out there. To really capitalise on the opportunity, ads need to focus on core values and emotive aspects that get people moving – and that requires a motion-first approach.

Motion graphics allow audiences to digest information quickly and easily (essential when you’ve only got 5-seconds max to hook someone’s interest). It’s also the most effective storytelling medium, conveying linear narrative in a way that brings brand personality to the fore. More than this, animation is entertaining. Content is easily enhanced with themed overlays, transitions, a soundtrack and special effects – and if you make a really good ad, it’s inherently shareable.

Seasonal marketing screen

...Our Halloween themed video ads yield 21% better click-through rates.

The gift that keeps giving

When we’re designing ad visuals for iGaming operators, we don’t just focus on the creativity. Teaming up with our partners at InclineBet, experts in performance-driven digital marketing, we’re able to create player promotions with true purpose – and that generate real ROI.

Cuneyt Unar, Founding Partner at InclineBet, shares some indisputable engagement stats to back this up:

“The data doesn’t lie when it comes to seasonal marketing. For example, leveraging 4th July creatives in InclineBet’s UA campaigns, we saw on average 32% higher click-through rates and 13% improvement in conversion rates. Similarly, our Halloween themed video ads yield 21% better click-through rates.”

“We believe digital advertising can be intrusive for users; ads often pop up in those very moments we don’t want to see them. Making promotions contextually relevant by embracing some of the seasonal social elements is not only boosting the performance of acquisition advertising but also delivers better engagement for brands.”

Make seasonal marketing your P1

Putting your all into seasonal ad content really is a no-brainer for iGaming operator brands. Aligning promotional efforts with occasions is a proven way to tap into consumer behaviours, preferences and purchasing patterns influenced by seasonal hype – and enhances brand visibility during peak periods. Not sure where to start? We can help.

From storyboarding creative templates to investing budgets strategically across Facebook, Google, Apple and other programmatic channels to get the best ROI, we’ve got you covered.

Reach out to learn more about motion design in seasonal marketing for your brand via our contact form or ping us an email to hello@randomcolouranimal.com – and we’ll gladly walk you through it. Contact InclineBet direct at info@incline.bet to discuss the potential and performance of digital marketing for player acquisition. 

About InclineBet

Incline Gaming offers unrivalled expertise in North American online real money gaming. Our philosophy is performance-driven. We’re focused on digital marketing activities that deliver clear ROI. We acquire high value casino and sports betting players for our clients and maximise LTV .InclineBet’s media buying is exclusively digital with many years of experience in creating and managing ROI positive campaigns for some of the largest gaming brands in North America.

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