Data-driven marketing – right message, right channel, right time

Marketing is an increasingly data-driven art, and whilst there are many things we could say and many means by which to broadcast our message, it’s important to remember that it is possible to overcommunicate!



The enemy of any marketer is something that triggers a mass unsubscribe from your database, so understanding how often customers like to be communicated with is key to not overcooking it! 45% of US consumers describe their favourite brands as communicating ‘only when necessary’, so its important to understand when they feel necessary is! Data-driven marketing can enable us to analyse their purchasing behaviours to establish: Are there certain offers that they respond well to? Are those offers more successful when published closer to pay-day?



If you can segment your database to be able to send out tailored communications to customer groups based on behaviour, outcomes are likely to be more successful, your customer will feel known and understood and your unsubscribes should be lower!


Interestingly there is a direct correlation between the age and communication frequency preferences with US Boomers appreciating more communication than their younger counterparts. Where its possible to segment your marketing on this basis, it may be worth trialling an increased comms schedule to your Boomer demographic. Interestingly Gen Z are more engaged by VIP offers and free delivery, so its well worth profiling your demographics to scratch where they’re itching!



In terms of selecting the right channel to communicate by, the answer is all of them! Consumers expect a joined-up omnichannel experience of your brand which their needs are at the centre of.


If you’d like to ensure that your brand channels are looking consistent, then email us at and let’s get it right! Check out our branding work to see what we’ve done for others and what we might be able to do for you.


*All stats courtesy of the 2023 US Consumer Trends Index from Marigold and Econsultancy.

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