Data-driven marketing – right message, right channel, right time

Marketing is an increasingly data-driven art, and whilst there are many things we could say and many means by which to broadcast our message, it’s important to remember that it is possible to overcommunicate!   When? The enemy of any marketer is something that triggers a mass unsubscribe from your database, so understanding how often […]

Building Brand Loyalty

Once upon a time, brand was perceived as being an inanimate logo. Now its understood to be the personality of a business and the thing that customers connect with. Getting your brand right is essential to ensuring that you maintain that customer connection, so building their loyalty to your brand is a key piece of […]

Let’s talk about X baby

Salt-n-Pepa probably didn’t have marketing in mind when they wrote their 1991 hit ‘Let’s talk about …’ but the lyrics serve our purposes here, so grant us a little creative license as we explore building relationship and trust with our audience through good successful commercial communication and personalisation practice!   ‘Let’s talk about X baby’ […]

Levelling-up your brand

If good brands are built on strategy, then it is only natural that those strategic objectives will evolve over time, adapt to the  world around them, perhaps even become more or less important. A simple reinvigoration of brand components that already exist can further define foundations and signify a new path for the future – […]

Get your kit (design) on

Agency picks: Who’s World Cup shirt wins the tourney There’s a whole new 90s retro kit vibe going on in Qatar… Since it all kicked off, we’ve been debating our favourite shirt designs – holding them up to that eponymous Nigeria 2018 Home top (the one that turned kit into fashion) to see who’s smashed […]

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