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Agency picks: Who’s World Cup shirt wins the tourney

There’s a whole new 90s retro kit vibe going on in Qatar… Since it all kicked off, we’ve been debating our favourite shirt designs – holding them up to that eponymous Nigeria 2018 Home top (the one that turned kit into fashion) to see who’s smashed it in 2022.

Tom, our Head of Design, is straight in with Ecuador. “It mixes the retro style of 90’s football shirts with contemporary graphic design. The tonal geometric pattern on the front is almost mesmerising and reminiscent of the art created by ancient Incan people who inhabited the area… I love a nod to history, and a design story with substance.

“So given that in Spanish, Ecuador translates as Equator, the back collar features an outline of the country with the coordinates of the Equator, which runs through the country: 0° 0′ 0. Proper nice design touch…

Grant, RCA’s project manager, has gone for South Korea Away shirt. He opens with “I don’t like football” but justifies his choice anyway: “This is my favourite – it reminds me of catching the bus, definitely gives out 90s inspo… The pattern was actually created to hide stains – maybe the kit wash budget got axed? The best thing – it’s random coloured and has an animal badge.”

Luke, brand designer, chose Japan Home for its modern meets retro 90s flavour. “I like the neat contrasting under-arm details. The red stripe runs from the left arm all the way under and up to the right as a nice stand-out feature. The pattern is also made up of a flock of origami crane, inspired by the federation badge.

“What I like the most is how the Away kit takes cuts of the home pattern and places them over the shoulders and sleeves in turquoise and red… The effect is like wearing 3D specs.”

Where's all the collars gone?

Becky, our brand strategist, is all over the Brazil Away top. Her first observation, “Where’s all the collars gone?” was quickly backed up with, “Loving how vibrant and positive it feels – with nice flourishes like the animal print detail – and the sentiment linking back is great… The jaguar pattern is used since they’re the only living member of the panther family in South America.”

Finally, Sam, our motion designer, is all in for Mexico. “The Away shirt design stands out from the usual sea of solid colour. It pays homage to Mixtec and Aztec heritage in both design and art style, somehow captures a fighting spirit. The signoff is a feathered snake – the Quetzalcoatl – one of several important gods in the Aztec pantheon and represents the physical capabilities of humans and fresh hope. Quite deep for a footie shirt!”

Overall Winner: Mexico Away Shirt

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