Delivering end-to-end iGaming interfaces

From design to dev and deployment with no bumps in the road(map) 

iGaming operators stand to gain a solid competitive edge when they deliver a frictionless player experience. User-centric interface design drives increased customer engagement and conversion; existing bettors are far more likely to stay loyal to the brand beyond bonusing.

A report by Eilers & Krejcik also highlights the importance of developing front ends that meet the specific needs of audiences. For example, one-size-fits-all Eurocentric design, features and language just won’t cut it in US markets. Personalisation to both the player and the proposition are therefore a P1.

Building the right team 

To achieve best-in-class user experience, iGaming systems, platforms, products and widgets require specialist design and build skillsets. Typically, multi-agency project teams are drafted in to augment in-house capabilities. But managing this for optimum ROI can be much trickier than it seems, particularly with such different disciplines and milestones to coordinate.

Getting different agencies to sync up can often feel time-consuming and draw out decision-making processes. Common consequences might include slow feedback loops, a semi-synthesized vision and at worst, some unexpected scope (and budget) creep. The last thing you need in any roadmap. 

Aligning priorities

What’s more, there are some competing design and development priorities at play that require an aligned approach. Interface ideas need to push new boundaries in user journeys and experiential features, while wireframes need to reflect true tech capabilities (now and into the future) and maximise functionality.

Both need to deliver a ‘no-surprises’ handoff to de-risk deployment as well as visual, experiential and technical value to both the end-customer and project stakeholders. To ensure multiple decisions converge with precision at every milestone, absolute synergy is required.

Smooth transitions

Addressing this common pain point, sister businesses Pretty Technical (PT) and Random Colour Animal (RCA) have officially teamed up with a digital delivery strategy that promises seamless collaboration. Simply by leveraging our combined network of designers and developers to operate as one cohesive unit, we drive better product outcomes and project efficiencies as standard.

Just as UX is about putting users first and making the experience easier and smoother, the same design principles have been applied to the way we work with clients. Our collective aim: To do all the thinking up front, moving into development with a robust and validated working model. This is how we move:

  • Joint ideation and discovery phases achieve early alignment on a project – defining the UI and UX direction, technical architecture, technology stack, and plans for execution and launch

  • We incorporate wider vision and business objectives including brand, product and commercial priorities into the mix to meet boardroom expectations

  • Our technical and creative work streams dovetail in real-time to produce interactive pre-build prototypes for QA and testing throughout the project

  • This collaborative process sees PT and RCA explore iterative changes with stakeholders at key milestones, ensuring that any adjustments are made while still in design phase to de-risk build

United front

There are multiple factors that make the RCA x PT partnership such a strong offering. Firstly, an existing shared use of common tools – like Figma for interactive prototyping, Trello for project management, Teams for internal comms – for an ultra-efficient project flow.

Our design and development process is well-established and agile – we’re used to iterating as one unit and in real-time. And together we achieve crucial economies of scale for our clients through collective scoping and pricing, shorter timelines, streamlined project coordination, and combined iGaming sector expertise.

To see our working partnership in practice, read how white-label mobile platform provider Inside the Pocket engaged RCA and PT to design and develop a free-to-play fantasy sports games website for South American operator PixBet here.

We’ll be attending the SBC North America Summit next month – set up a meeting with us to explore how our digital delivery solution can meet your product or platform needs. Drop us a line at or connect with RCA Founding Director Jo Dennis on LinkedIn.

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