The Health Lottery

Leading the UX/UI evolution for a national lottery platform

The Health Lottery had an archaic mash-up of legacy tech – two disparate CMS systems holding the platform together, plus a lottery engine. Also, a front end that wasn’t working for players experientially or visually, significantly impacting profitability.

Our brief started with optimising the ‘All or Nothing’ game from concept stage, including banner assets for launch. It evolved into a complete 360 degree platform evolution.

The resulting Figma prototype contained 617 screens, 8,123 links (80% by-hand) and a total word count of 82,122. Scroll down to view key design visuals, read more about our process here.

When I first started my new role as CEO of The Health Lottery in January 2023, the website had already been earmarked as a critical project. The user experience (UX) was poor and the technology incompatible with both existing and future requirements.

Random Colour Animal (RCA) undertook a significant UX review and interactive prototyping process to explore each use case journey and refine it further before signing off for development. This approach provided a comprehensive solution for internal testing, development briefing and quality assurance purposes and expedited development to enable us to hit an ambitious go-live deadline.

RCA have been a true partner in working closely with our team to get the detail right and ensure that we deliver an optimised platform that’s been thoroughly considered and tested to save time and resources moving forwards. They’ve also supported us in other ad hoc ways and become a valuable extension of our team.

I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the rebranding and redesign of THL, and our brave new world. I hope you agree that it looks fantastic and 1000 times better than before!

Lebby Eyres, CEO, The Health Lottery

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